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Sports & Recreational Activities in Owen Sound – Ultimate Frisbee

There are lots of sports and recreational activities to pursue in Owen Sound. Among them are badminton, baseball, basketball, broomball, crokinole, cross country skiing, curling, dodgeball, fishing, gymnastics, hiking, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, mountain biking, pickleball, road cycling, rowing, soccer, softball, swimming, volleyball, yoga and more!

Why Choose Ultimate Frisbee?

With all of these sports to choose from, why choose ultimate frisbee? Below are the top 10 reasons to play ultimate frisbee in Owen Sound (or anywhere else in the world)!

  1. Friendly Competition Looking for a sport with competition but without the aggressive attitude? Look no further than ultimate frisbee! Ultimate is guided by the Spirit of the Game, a philosophy where highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect between players or the basic joy of play.
  2. All Skill Levels During pick-up games and local league games, often you will find all players of varying levels of abilities. This gives beginners a chance to play with more experienced players allowing them to increase their skills much faster than if they just played with players equal in ability.
  3. Coed Unlike a lot of sports, most ultimate frisbee games are coed. Even in tournaments the teams are mixed with men and women, typically 4 men and 3 women per team.
  4. Inexpensive In Owen Sound, the registration fee for a full season of outdoor ultimate (typically April thru October) is just $40. Contrast that with other sports and you will find it’s much cheaper to play ultimate!
  5. Great Cardio Workout I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of running in ultimate! But it’s a great cardio workout. Any typically, after a few weeks of playing, your lungs and legs are usually adjusted to the larger work load and you start to feel amazing!
  6. No Contact Sport There’s no intentional contact in ultimate frisbee and setting picks is illegal. This makes this fast moving game much safer than some of the full-contact, hard-hitting sports popular today.
  7. Ages 13+ Unlike a lot of sports divided into very small age brackets, ultimate is often played with players of all ages on the field at the same time. This makes ultimate a great sport for mother and son or father and daughter to enjoy together.
  8. Minimal Equipment Required One of the things that makes ultimate so accessible to so many people is the very low barrier to getting started. All you need are running shoes or cleats and a disc.
  9. Outdoor Season In Owen Sound we play from April through October (weather permitting). It’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine during the beautiful long summer days. Learn more about the outdoor ultimate frisbee season in Owen Sound.
  10. Indoor Season And when the weather turns cold and the ground turns white, we move into a local gymnasium where we keep playing and staying in shape through the winter months. Learn more about the indoor ultimate frisbee season in Owen Sound.

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