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Outdoor FAQs

This FAQs section is for outdoor ultimate frisbee in Owen Sound. If you are looking for indoor ultimate information, check the Indoor Ultimate FAQs.

⊚ When do you play?

We play every Monday evening. Check out the 2019 summer schedule.

⊚ What if I can’t make it on time? Can I arrive late?

Yes, definitely. Late is better than never!

⊚ Where do you play?

We play at Kelso Beach. Check out the 2019 summer schedule for dates and times.

⊚ How much does it cost?

We want you to try Ultimate Frisbee. It’s a fun, friendly game for everyone!

    If you haven’t played with us before and want to check it out, just show up to our next game! It’s completely FREE and no registration required! If after your first 3 games you still want more (which you probably will), we just ask that you pay $40 for the full season (April ~ October).
    If you regularly play ultimate with us, the fee is $40 for the full season (April ~ October). The fee helps us cover our expenses such as insurance, field, promotional materials, pinnies, etc…

⊚ Who can play?

Everyone is welcome! Any skill level. All games are coed. Ages 13+ (unless accompanied by parent/guardian).

⊚ What do I need?

Running shoes or cleats and water. Shoes are required!

We will provide the frisbees, pinnies, cones and everything else.

⊚ Where are players from?

Players come from Owen Sound, Wiarton, Meaford, Thornbury, Port Elgin, Tobermory, Tiverton and all points in between.

⊚ What if I’ve never played before?

No worries! Show up a couple minutes early and we can go over the basics with you. Or download the rules (pdf).

⊚ How long are the games?

Games last 1 ~ 2 hours.

⊚ What do you do after the game?

Some of us usually go to a local pub for food and drinks.

⊚ What can I expect?

Expect a lot of cool people doing a lot of running! Ultimate frisbee is a friendly, no-contact sport. The rules are simple and it’s easy to pick up.