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Costs for 2019 Summer Season

Here’s the breakdown for this year’s (April 1 ~ October 31) field and insurance costs.

Field Rental – $423.42 $318.04

We have the field booked for 30 days, every Monday (from April 1 through October 31) for 2 hours. Each day’s rental is $13.933 (yes, that’s 3 spots after the decimal) so the total rental fee is $417.99. Tax is $5.43 bringing the total for field rental to $423.42.

We had 8 days refunded due to weather or other circumstances. You can see which days here.

Therefore our total for the 2019 field rental with tax turned out to be $318.04.

Insurance – $477.00

We source our insurance through Ontario Ultimate. Insurance fees are based on the number of players we had sign up the previous year. Not all of the players covered under the insurance paid. The numbers below reflect everyone who signed a waiver regardless if they paid or not. Players who played only once or twice did not pay the $40. The breakdown is the following:

Canada & Ontario Ultimate Memberships

  • 48 – Ultimate Canada Membership ($3/player) $144.00
  • 39 – Ontario Ultimate Membership ($2/Adult Player) $78.00
  • 9 – Ontario Ultimate Membership ($1/Juniors Player) $9.00

Player Insurance

  • 48 – Players Insurance ($2.00/player) $96.00
  • Board Indemnity Insurance $150.00

Minor Sports Registration (2 Evenings) – $100

We tried to recruit new players at the Owen Sound Minor Sports Registration.

Grand Total – $895.04

Our main expenses for the 2019 year add up to just over $1,000 under $900. The fee to play this summer season is $40, same as last year. To recoup our expenses we need at least 25 players to commit $40 to the season. That should be doable as we had just over that number in 2018.

Revenue from Fees

As of 2019-10-04, we have collected $1,160.00 in fees so far (29 players paid $40). So we are not in the hole! 🙂

The surplus will either go towards a glow game (if that happens) or marketing materials such as posters next season.

None of these figures factor into indoor ultimate over the winter.

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