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2021 Season Delayed Indefinitely

The 2021 season is delayed indefinitely. We will start playing once COVID numbers have drastically decreased and vaccinations are open to the general public. That might not be until fall or even this winter (indoor league).

Until then, stay safe and healthy.

We are playing tonight

We are playing tonight but in light of the coronavirus we ask that everyone be extra diligent in ensuring that we don’t spread more germs than we have to!

Please read and follow the guidelines below:

  1. If you’re symptomatic at all, please stay home and get better
  2. Please disinfect your disc
  3. Do not share water bottles
  4. Wash your hands before the game
  5. Avoid any unnecessary contact (such as high fives, etc…)
  6. Avoid personal contact during game play

This will be the last indoor game until April 17th due to school closures.

Ultimate Frisbee – Monday Oct 28 @ 5:30

Today is the last game of the year! And the weather is supposed to be perfect!

We’ll start tonight at 5:30 @ Kelso with a regular game. Please arrive early. It gets dark quick. We’ll play until around 6:45.

Then around 7pm we’ll have our annual Glow Game! It’s ultimate played in the dark with a glow disc and glow sticks. Super fun!

What to bring…

– Dark clothes
– A headlamp (not for the game, just to see before/after the game)
– A glow disc (if you have one)

I will bring the glow sticks.